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Note on June 11, 2020

· How was your week?

· It was very busy.

· What happened?

· There was a training.

· How was your week?

· Not much. But my daughter got sick.

· Oh no! is she okay?

· She has a stomachache.

· I hope she feels better soon.

Los Sentimientos (emotions)

Abrumado: overwhelmed

· Daniel is feeling overwhelmed because of his final exams.

· Daniel está abrumado con los exámenes finales.

Enojado/Enfadado: Angry / annoyed.

· I am annoyed with my son.

· I am annoyed with my husband because he put his dirty socks on the carpet.

· What annoys you? (¿Qué te hace enojar?)

____ annoys me.

Flies annoy me.

Rats annoy me. Rats are annoying.

My boss is annoying.

Aburrido: boring

· TV is boring.

· I am bored.

· My work is boring.

Acelerado: excited, hyper

· You look hyper. Sit down, take a deep breath, and relax.

· Te ves acelerado. Siéntate, respira hondo y relájate.

Enfurecido: furious

Agradecido: grateful

· I am grateful. = I really appreciate ___

· I'm grateful for all the support you've given me.

· Estoy agradecida por todo el apoyo que me has dado.

Enojado = angry, mad

· When do you feel angry?

o when no one does their jobs at home.

o When my house is dirty and messy.

o When my husband comes home late.

o When my boy doesn’t listen to me.

o When I cannot work.

o You are a hard-worker!

o When my dogs eat grass and throw up later

Alegre = happy, pleased

· I am pleased.

Ansioso = anxious

· I am anxious when I try to speak English.

· I am anxious when somebody is sick.

· I am anxious when I go to the immigration office.

· I was anxious when my wife was in labor for twins.

Frustrado = frustrated

· I am frustrated with _____.

· I am frustrated with my son because he does not listen to me.

· I am frustrated with zoom/internet because it does not work.

· I am sometimes frustrated with customers.

· I am frustrated when I try to speak English but I cannot think of the words or people don’t understand me.

Difficult words to pronounce?



Arrepentido = sorry, regretful

Indiferente = indifferent

Asustado = scared, afraid of, frightened,

· I am scared of ______.

· I am scared of rats.

· I am scared of horror movies. (pelicula de terror)

· Horror movies are scary.

· I am scared of snakes.

· I am scared when my family gets sick during this covid.

Inquieto- restless, worried

Avergonzado - embarrassed, ashamed

· I am embarrassed by ______.

· I am embarrassed by my dog when he pees other people’s yards.

1. He looks scared / anxious.

2. He looks scared / surprised.

3. He looks happy / pleased.

4. He looks angry / upset.

5. He looks upset / frustrated.

6. He looks sad.

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