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Activity / Actividad

Embroidery Bilingual Letter

activity / actividad

Embroidery has a long and profound history, often as women’s craft, in many countries. For this activity, I started with a bilingual video explaining the basic stitches of embroidery. The purpose of this video was to not only teach embroidery techniques, but also expand vocabularies in both Spanish and English. After learning about the words and different stitches, I used a handout to talk about relevant art vocabularies, such as pattern, repetition, and composition and. Next, I introduced the activity of writing a letter in both Spanish and English. The subject of the letter of that day was “hope.” I asked, “what do you hope in the future? And what do you want to say to hope?” After finishing our first draft of letter, we designed a simple pattern and symbol that we would stitch on fabrics. At the final step, we transfer our writing and pattern sketches on a muslin fabric to create an embroidery letter to hope.  

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