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Cyanotype Quilt: Places and Memories 

This project was about making a communal quilt with cyanotype fabric collages. Due to the time and process of printing cyanotype on fabrics, the project was completed through 4 consecutive workshops during the summer of 2019. It started with the idea of exploring diasporic memories in relation to places.

To highlight multifaceted memories of the past and places, I asked the participants to choose images of the places that they have significant or special meanings. After printing each of the photos we collected, the photos were printed on negative film to be used for cyanotype prints. We wrote a short story about our memories and places about each piece. When writing stories, I asked everyone to creatively use different languages they knew. After writing a story, we chose sentences and words that would go on the cyanotype print fabric. As texts are integrated as a key visual component of the fabric print, the composition and arrangement of words and lines are thoughtfully considered during this process. When everyone finished one or two cyanotype collage pieces, all of individual pieces were sewn together as a quilt at the end. 

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