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Class Notes May 23

How was your week? Que tal su semana?

It was good. I worked.

Where do you want to go for your vacation? ¿a dónde quieres ir para tus vacaciones?

I want to visit El Salvador, my home.

When was the last time you visited El Salvador? cuándo fue la última vez que visitó El Salvador?

a long time ago.

When is your favorite season? And Why?

Cuando es tu temporada favorita?

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Do you prefer hot or cold weather?

Mild weather (el clima templado)

Mild food ( no muy picante)

Summer/Winter in NorthWest Arkansas is pretty mild (not too hot/not too cold)

But it rains a lot here.

Holiday weekend.

Do you have any plan for this weekend?

¿tienes algún plan para este fin de semana?

I will stay home.

I will make some barbeque chicken and beef.

If it does not rain, I will have a bonfire and make some roasted vegetables. I like roasted corn.

I will take my dogs for a walk.


When do you feel happy? Cuando te sientes feliz?

When my family is together

When I am shopping at a mall

When I go fishing at the lake

When I play with my dogs

When I work out (exercise)

When I sit outside and have some wine

When do you feel angry (enojado)?

When my home is messy.

I like my home clean and tidy (well-organized).

When I cannot sleep. I am a sensitive sleeper.

When my kids make a mess

when my kids don’t do what they have to (tener que) do

when my kids don’t do their responsibilities

when my husband leaves dirty socks on the floor

when my dogs bark too loud and crazy

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