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August 6, 2020 (Apuntes - Yoon-Ramirez)

How is the weather? (Qué tiempo hace?)

It’s raining. (lloviendo)

It is _____.

(pasado) It was ____ yesterday. (yesterday – ayer)

(futuro) It will be _____ tomorrow (manana).

It will be raining. We will have thunderstorms in Springdale tomorrow.

It will be hot in Austin, Texas.


How hot is it?

Fahrenheit (F): Fahrenheit

Centigrados: Celsius

Cálido: warm/hot

Tibio: warm


Frio: cold

Muy frio: freezing

Húmedo: humid

Con viento: windy

Soleado: sunny

Nublado: cloudy

Nevado: snowy (it’s snowing)

TV show (Nailed it- S1 E3)

Nailed it! (you did something really well)

Baker (panadero)

Amateur (aficionado)

Fail (fallar)

Dessert (postres) – desert (desierto)

What is your favorite dessert?

What kind/type of cake do you like?

Tres leches!

It looks really tasty.

Do you know how to make this cake?


Skip (saltarse) dessert.


I want to skip my class.

I skip my turn.

I will skip my meeting

Don’t skip your meal!

I want to continue to grow.

I want to continue to learn.

I want to improve ___.

Treat (dessert, snack food, dog treat, )

Play it safe.

Make a mess

Hang in there

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