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August 13, 2020 (Apuntes - Yoon-Ramirez)

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

· How was your day?

· How are you?

· How’s the weather?

Class Routines (Rutinas de Clase)

· Greetings and check-in

· Tongue twister

· Photo description (la descripcion de fotos)

Tongue twister (El Trabalenguas)


· I saw Susie sitting in a shoeshine shop

· (Vi a Susie sentada en una zapatería.) saw (pasado) – see

· If a dog chews shoes, whose shoes does he choose?

· (Si un perro muerde zapatos, ¿de quién son los zapatos que escoge?)

· So, this is the sushi chef

Photo description 1

Palabras (words)

Rock (Piedra), water (agua), shovel (pala), girls, boy, sand (arena), tree, cactus, t-shirt, stream, pebble (small rock), shrub (arbusto)

Near the ranch,

What kind of plant is it? (Que tipo de planta es?)

Rock – Pebble – Sand

Tree – shrub (small)


River – rio

Lake – lago

Stream – arroyo

Pond – estanque


· The children are picking up pebbles. (picking up – recogiendo)

· There are a lot of pebbles near the stream.

· The girls are not wearing shoes. (barefoot – descalzo, barehand)

· The girls are barefoot.

· There is a pink-shirt on the rock.

· The children are playing in the water.

Photo description 2

Cars, people, trees, houses, shadow (sombra), cable, street, windows,

Utility pole (Telephone pole), bricks, black water container, balcony, backpack, gate,

· A tree fell on the street.

· The cables are on the street. (The trees knocked the cables onto the street.)

· Many people are gathering. (gather -recoger)

· Some houses (A few houses, several houses) have balconies.

· A black water tank(container) is on the rooftop.

· The cars are parked on the street.

· One of the houses has a brick wall.

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