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August 27, 2020 (Apuntes - Yoon-Ramirez)

The goal of this class is to improve your conversational English.

El objetivo de esta clase es mejorar sus Inglés conversacional.

Then how can you improve your speaking?

Entonces, ¿cómo puedes mejorar tu forma de hablar?

· You need to read, write, and listen to other people’s conversations in order to improve your speaking skills.

· Necesitas leer, escribir y escuchar las conversaciones de otras personas para mejorar tus habilidades de habla.

· Memorize the complete sentences or conversations, instead of words.

· Memorizar las oraciones o conversaciones completas, en lugar de palabras.

· Speak out loud.

· hablar en voz alta.

· Practice every day.

·  Practicar todos los días.

· Make mistakes! Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

· No tengas miedo de cometer errores.

· Avoid perfectionism

· Evitar el perfeccionismo

· Language is alive. It changes. El lenguaje está vivo. Cambia.

· Try to learn from real conversations (tv shows, movies, friends). you should know some rules (grammar) but don't be obsessed with the rules. Tratar de aprender de conversaciones reales (programas de televisión, películas, amigos). Usted debe conocer algunas reglas (gramática) pero no estar obsesionado con las reglas.


Introduce yourself

Name: My name is _____

Job: My job is _______. I work at ___________. I (verbo)_______ for living.

Home: I live in ________. It is close to ________.

Idioms (modismo/idioma)

Piece of cake (facil)

A task or job that is easy to complete

o Can you fix it? (¿Puedes arreglarlo?)

o Absolutely! It’s a piece of cake. (Absolutamente, es muy facil)

Speak of the devil (hablando de Roma)

When the person you have just been talking about arrives

o Did you hear what happened to Maria? (¿Escuchaste lo que le pasó a María?)

o Oh, speak of the devil, there she comes. (Oh, hablando del Roma, ahí viene.)

So far so good (bien hasta ahora)

Things are going well so far

o How’s your new job?

o So far so good.

Weather (Clima/tiempo)

Palabras, oraciones

It’s raining today.









Freezing (really cold)



Photo description

People, computer, chairs, classroom, papers, conference, camera, pencils,

Sentences (Oraciones)

People are at the conference.

Most people have paper.

People are paying attention. Pay attention (prestar atencion)

A man is taking pictures.

There are two empty chairs. (empty = vacio)

The computer doesn’t work today.

There is a computer on the cart.

People are working as a team.

An older woman is wearing glasses.

There is only one camera in the classroom.

People are talking.

People are sitting on chairs.

Some people are writing something down on paper.

It looks beautiful outside the window. The weather looks nice. It is nice to look at the weather through the window.

People are in the meeting.

There is a box of markers.

What is your plan this weekend?

I don’t have any plan.

Not much.

I will give my dogs a bath. (give a bath = bañar)

It sounds like a busy weekend.

I will go for a walk.

I will take a break and rest.

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